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A Costa Rican Adventure

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Hello, Compass Travelers!

Here at Compass Travel, planning unique travel experiences for our clients is what we do best. We take the time to learn what you want, then provide options to help you get the most out of your time away. We could tell you all about our services, but we think it’s better for you to hear what some of our travelers have to say directly. Here is a note from a family we sent to Costa Rica on a tour with Trafalgar Tours a couple of months ago:

A Letter to Compass Travel Agent Wendy:

Our vacation was AWESOME. We had so much fun. All of our travels went smoothly. Our tour director, German Rojas, was great. It was the perfect combination of activities and relaxation—we had so many interesting things to do. Our tour group included 22 people. Traveling by bus, we saw many different parts of the country; rest stops and attractions along the way helped break up the driving.

slothThe girls’ favorite part was Tortuguero, where we took boat rides into the rain forest. We saw a wide variety of animals including sloths, crocodiles, monkeys, otters, turtles, iguanas, king fishers, toucans, and every imaginable bird, flower, and butterfly. We visited an organic pineapple plantation (delicious), stopped at a farm where we watched how hearts of palm were harvested and then tasted them in homemade tortillas cooked over an open fire, drank coconut milk and visited with a very kind and gracious couple who opened their home to us.

We visited the Arenal Volcano, walked through the rain forest on suspension bridges hundreds of feet above the ground, went zip lining (thrilling), went to a breathtakingly beautiful beach and swam in the Pacific Ocean, filmed the monkeys frolicking in the forest, visited small towns along the way, enjoyed beautiful countryside, shopped for souvenirs, sampled all kinds of delicious foods and all in all had a terrific time.


A special treat on the tour was a New Year’s Eve Party at our hotel with dinner, entertainment, and fireworks. We would highly recommend Trafalgar Tours! Thanks so much for all of your help and hard work in arranging this trip for us. We are most certainly satisfied customers!



Walking high atop the rain forest–an adventure of a lifetime!

Please contact Wendy to book this trip for your own family, or choose from a number of itineraries to Costa Rica for families or for couples!

Send Us Away – Please!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

A family of 19 traveling together for a tropical retreat. Ten artists renting a villa in Tuscany to capture its beauty in watercolors. A college alumni group heading to Montreal for a mini reunion. Vacation and travel mean different things to different people. The world is full of wonderful opportunities to share adventure and fun with a group.

Whether skiing…

or lounging on a tropical beach…

travel can be life changing. Travel planning can be confusing—especially for groups. There are so many details to consider. But beyond that, there are many opportunities that might be missed if you don’t know what you are looking for. For instance, did you know that if you travel in a group of eight or more to Disney World, you are classified as a “Grand Gathering” and are eligible for special services, such as private safaris and behind-the-scenes activities? You might discover this little fact on your own, surfing countless Internet sites. But, how much of your time would that cost?

I just did a quick Google search for “travel with groups.” The result:  821,000,000 sites popped up. Whew, that’s a lot of browsing. And, when you find a site that looks appealing, how do you know that the trip you plan is going to fulfill your dreams? Well, that’s why we are here. We don’t have to search the Internet. We rely on our own network of great tours and vacation packages—from a wild West adventure, to a Bahamas seabirding ecotour, to an Antarctica cruise, and everything in between.

Last year, we sent a group of writers to the northern reaches of Italy, in the foothills of the Alps, for an inspirational week of poetry and prose. One excursion took them to a quaint farmhouse atop a mountain peak for a day of writing and gastronomic delights—the participants enjoyed one of the most authentic and unexpected experiences of their entire trip. It was so amazing, that we are planning another trip to that farm—stay tuned for more on that! The point is that this special place is not advertised on the Internet. I found it when I was exploring the region for ideas to share with my clients. That is what I do. My agents and I are constantly traveling ourselves, meeting with tour operators, attending travel conferences, reading up on the latest travel opportunities, and staying abreast of travel-related news and information. You don’t have to spend hours browsing the Internet and hoping for the best. We can provide the best to you.

So, open your mind to the endless possibilities and let us narrow them down to a wondrous travel experience!


P.S. Photos by Bob Popp

Quaint and Authentic Farm Art