Debunking the Myths: Travel Agency vs. Internet

Why choose to work with a travel agent over surfing the Internet for bargains? Read on…

Myth: Travel agents are obsolete — the Internet offers everything a traveler needs to plan a trip.

Fact: It’s fun to browse the “world” through the Internet. But the world is a big place. Are you prepared for these pitfalls: how do you narrow your search, how do you know the “testimonials” on the web are real, how much time are you willing to spend to research your options, how can you be sure you have the most up-to-date information, what happens if your computer crashes? If you have the time and inclination to scour the “world” through the Internet, that’s great. But, if you don’t, you will need a travel agent. And you might as well come to one of the most experienced, diversified agents around – Compass Travel has the staff and the resources to help you truly discover the world.

Myth: It’s less expensive to buy air tickets and hotel rooms on the Internet.

Fact: You might find a bargain or two while surfing the Net, but in reality, a travel agent can often meet or even beat the prices you find on the Internet. You might find a great deal from a particular airline or a hotel, but in truth the chances of finding those deals are directly related to how much time you are willing to devote to searching. Can you really afford to spend three hours looking for a bargain? Maybe you can. Quite often, you can’t.

Web search: airline tickets     Result: 14,300,000 – you could be here for days!

Myth: All the good hotels have websites; booking a room on the Internet is easy.

Fact: Sure, most major hotel chains have websites with online booking capabilities. But, not every hotel, bed and breakfast, or resort has a website and if they do, they don’t necessarily keep it updated. It’s almost a full time job to maintain a website and it’s expensive. Some wonderful hotels prefer to use word of mouth, and in that case, you might be missing out on a terrific opportunity.

Web search: hotels in Las Vegas     Result: 24,400,000 – good luck figuring out which ones offer the best value!

Myth: Once I book a reservation on the Internet, I’m good to go.

Fact: Sure, if nothing goes wrong. But how often does that happen? When the Italian airline Alitalia was in dire financial trouble, many travelers panicked; many customers holding tickets were unsure of where to go for help. For those travelers who bought their tickets through Compass Travel, we navigated the tricky details so our clients did not have to spend their time worrying about it.

Web search: car rentals in Orlando     Result: 11,900,000 – it’s probably faster to walk

More Web searches and Results:

  • European vacations 2010
    • Result: 5,750,000
  • Tropical vacations
    • Result: 8,700,000
  • Traveling with Kids
    • Result: 22,800,000

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