Meet Our Staff

Compass Travel was founded on three main principles: offer comprehensive travel expertise, provide impeccable service, and deliver superb value. Today, after more than two decades of serving the greater Kearsarge region in central New Hampshire, our core mission hasn’t wavered. The staff at Compass Travel is dedicated to navigating all the details of your trip to ensure you have the best travel experience possible.

Co-founder Holly Walker brings an adventurous spirit to her work at Compass Travel. She draws upon more than 25 years experience in the travel industry to plan and organize escorted international and domestic tours. Her keen attention to the behind-the-scenes details coupled with the professional relationships she has built along the way help make each trip for her clients most enjoyable and memorable. She spends her own vacation time scouting out new locales to share.

Owner, Compass Travel


Holly learned from one of the best. Her mentor and long-time business partner, Tom Gleason, has traveled the world for more than 50 years. His specialty is Ireland. From the rugged coastal landscape and heathery retreats of Cork, to the bustling pubs and cafes of Dublin to the breathtaking sea cliffs of Bartra, Tom knows every nook and cranny of the Emerald Isle. With his vast knowledge, good will and patient calm, he is the ultimate Ireland tour guide.  Co-owner, semi-retired





Wendy R.C. Sisto has devoted her professional career to giving her clients more than they expect with pleasant surprises along the way. A ball of energy, Wendy is ready with answers before the questions even arise. If you are planning a Disney World vacation, call Wendy. She’s visited the famed theme park more than 100 times! She’s also a cruise aficionado: whether you want to glide through the Alaskan glaciers or sail around the Greek islands, meander up the Mississippi River or float down the Nile, let her help you plan just the right voyage for your tastes and budget. Graduate: Claremont School of Travel, Claremont, NH





Allie Zlotucha joined Compass Travel in May, 2007, bringing with her 20 years experience in corporate travel planning. Always professional, Allie helps her clients find just what they need whether it’s a Eurail train schedule or the best route from Colorado to New Hampshire during the holiday season. For Allie, every trip is a unique experience for her clients, no matter if they are seasoned business travelers or first-time flyers. She gives every client her utmost attention to help make each trip a successful one. Graduate: Travel Agents Institute, Southfield, MI